Wednesday, February 22, 2017


How often do I think, and share with others, the memory, JESUS CHOSE?
As I consider those two words, so many thoughts come tumbling one on top of another, I can scarcely keep up with them in my own mind, let alone put them down on a page to share!
First off comes, “Take up your cross daily.” (Luke 9:23) Okay, from the moment I decided I wanted to be a follower of Jesus, I had made THE CHOICE; therefore, with that decision (i.e. choice) having been made, what else is there to consider? It’s simple, right? Two ways to turn, right or left, one being His Way, one being the way of the world; I’ve already made my decision, haven’t I? Then, “Take up your cross daily,” should be my life,” not just a verse to remind me that this was a choice I made so many years ago.
I was such a baby in Him at that time, I was not fully aware that the new life in Him (Romans 6:4) meant not only were my past sins washed away, but also as long as I kept on choosing to faithfully walk with Him, my sins would continue to be washed away! (I John 1:7)
How does all this fit together, this choosing as Jesus chose, when I remember He was without sin (I Peter 2:22) and I know that even though I make the effort to remember to make the right choices,  I sometimes react rather than act? Therefore, in my sin, I am not like Jesus. This is where I can choose to follow His example of humility and confess to Him I have sinned. Because He is waiting and watching in love, I can choose to return to taking up my cross and following Him His way.

© M Sue

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