Friday, September 9, 2016


    Bargains ~ I’m so often searching for bargains that, although he has yet to either accuse or verbalize it, my husband may be convinced I am a (dare I even say of for fear I’ll be repeated?) a “hoarder”? Goodwill has become my place of relaxation and if (I hope, I hope) I happen upon a bargain (or two or three, or even four), well then, I can think of dozens of ways I can use it (them), but frequently not just for me. Therefore there’s good justification in that it’s not selfish at all! Yesterday was just such a day, and while I must admit, THIS was quite selfish, THE BARGAIN was still not purely selfish and has turned out to be something even I had not bargained for! J
     As usual, I carefully perused the shelves, but this time, I went out of my usual order. Instead of heading directly to the inspirational books, I looked in the office supplies. Careful to choose and place in my cart a couple of the smaller-size 99-cent notebooks (that had I gone to one of the larger chain stores I could have purchased for $2.49 each - I know because I had recently priced them), I went on with a smile on my face, to the area where I generally find the better supply of books to my liking. Indeed I did find one that had a previous bookstore sticker on the back “$20.00” but at Goodwill, because it was a paperback, it was 50-cents, a beautiful, informative coffee table worthy book titled, “YOUR JEWISH HERITAGE”. Being happy with my so-far successful trip, I pressed on to another books sales area, studied the shelved books row upon row, bending this way and that to be sure I didn’t miss any titles, I might want, pulled out my cell phone to compare pictures with a book I picked out but realized I already had, put it back, pressed on, and THERE! THERE IT WAS- a huge book, laying face down on a bottom shelf. When I turned it over, I may have gasped aloud as I saw, JOHN-90 Days With The Beloved Disciple by Beth Moore!  Ever since I’d had DAVID-90 Days With A Heart Like His written by her, I’d secretly wanted to have this book about JOHN, secret even to myself I realized as I held it in my hands this day!
    The book appeared in mint condition so I never thought to look inside and this has become the absolute best part! Not just is Beth Moore’s presentation all that I had envisioned it would be, but there, on the first few pages, is some very precise handwriting in response to the questions posed by the author to enrich personal interaction. Oh, my! Do I read these? Never a question in my mind; however, questions galore filled my mind now! For all intents and purposes, the book was “trashed.” Why, and by whom? The answers show such devotion and intent on following the Lord and His Way. Filled in faithfully for a few weeks by, I assume a young college girl, who got busy with an active daily life, and then, as has happened by so many, myself top of the list, good intentions went awry and the rest of the book is as clean as when it was brand new.
    The book contains a date of the past decade, allowing me to figure the approximate age of this now young woman, and do some imagining of what her life may have become. Did she, unlike her penning answers to the questions in the book, finish college? It appears obvious she was a relatively new Christian at the time of her writing; did she remain faithful or was she caught up in the drug culture? Did she become a successful career woman and /or a homemaker, happy with a husband and family? As I sat there with her book in my lap, I prayed for her. I determined that not only was I given the gift of such a book, but also in the bargain, I had received a precious new gift, someone for whom to pray that I will likely never know, but God does! She is in His keeping, always has been, but now she is also on my radar and my SIMPLE FAITH says God is hearing my pleas on her behalf. How great is that!
    I believe I will hoard this one in my heart!

M Sue 9-9-16