Friday, August 12, 2016


Seeing her preschool daughter hugging two shiny red apples close to her tiny body, the mom sweetly asked, “Could I have one of your apples?” Little girl quickly took a bite from each apple . . . the rest of the story later.
What are YOU thinking? The Simple Truth in Matthew 7:2 tells us, “With what judgment you judge, you will be judged.”  Have you ever caught yourself making judgment calls on others only to suddenly realize exactly what you have just done, to quickly and humbly repent as a promise God and to yourself of your intention that you will try to not do it again? If we are not careful we do the opposite: we allow our consciences to be seared as we repeatedly ignore the pleading reminders of the Holy Spirit to follow God’s Way as we build up scar tissue upon scar tissue of immoveable sin. Is that how we want our hearts?
Or, do we want our hearts like that of the little girl whose response in passing one apple to her mom was, “Here. I tasted the apples because I wanted you to have the sweetest one.”

M Sue  8-12-16


  1. Sweet!
    "Judge not lest you be judged."
    I wish everyone thought of the Word that they read as the gospel instead of passing it off to go onto judging everyone and everything.

    I hope I'm judged for defending my God and His word. :)

  2. I'm planning a piece about "It's for YOU" . . . maybe I just found the title! Thanks, my Friend!
    Love you ~